Welcome to my little internet space! I'm Melissa Moore,  Special Correspondent  For Crime Watch Daily & Host of LMN's Monster In My Family

My journey led me to blaze a new path & ignite a voice for families recovering from crime and trauma. 

But to sum it up, I am a storyteller. I help people tell their stories.  Telling stories is key to making an emotional connection. Through emotional connections we can motivate others to create change in the world. And nothing gets me more excited than helping women tell their stories either through word or media. 
If you have a story you would like to share email me mooremelissa56@gmail.com

Some more details about me.....

I was raised by a serial killer who is now serving life in prison... but that doesn't define me. It is only apart of my history, and is now the experience I draw upon to aid others who are moving beyond stigma and violence. Today, I travel the nation meeting families and women who are rebuilding their lives after crime; changing laws, tracking down fugitives, seeking justice and answers.

  • I've also helped women know the power of their story to transform and inspire. To then write their own books, obtain literary agents and book deals. Or share their message in the media.

  • My biggest achievement has been helping women after violence and trauma regain their confidence and know the power of their own voice.

On another note.......

I'm Aspen and Jake's mom

Aspen is 14years old & Jake is 11 years old

The dog walker, and the one who feeds Lily, our teacup Shih Tzu. 

Lily our teacup Shih Tzu. 

....and I am the helpful backseat driver to Sam (my hubby of 15 years).

I am a hippie in heels.
I'm also a collector of Starbucks mugs,
(they always come out with new and pretty ones and I can't resist!) 
a Pottery Barn window shopper, indulger of coffee and self-help books.
Getting pedicures makes me happy, as does a walking trail, the scent of homemade pumpkin bread. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is what is my guilty pleasure and in my free time I love touring model homes, and pinning decor ideas for my home on Pinterest. 

 Sunday is my favorite day, when I feel peace and connected to something bigger than myself. 

I would love to meet you!

I hope you will stay connected and join me week-to-week here on this blog. Please come on over and introduce yourself on  INSTAGRAM    TWITTER  or FACEBOOK
I love Pinterest, it's my dreaming space and where I get inspiration. Feel free to PIN WITH ME

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