13 November 2015


On my birthday in July this past summer, a chilling story came out across the local news in Charlestown, West Virgina, that a woman killed the suspected serial killer, Neal Falls. The lady, named Heather, may have also saved many lives as a result. Her community has dubbed her, "Heather the Hero". Here is my exclusive sit down interview with Heather on CRIME WATCH DAILY.COM 
One day Heather, an escort working alone, invites the ultimate darkness to her very doorstep in a terrifying encounter with a man who wants only one thing for his pleasures. Charlestown, West Virgina, is a picturesque town with some rough edges. But like anywhere the red-light district extends to the Internet, where heather places an ad on a local website making herself available for a date.
Soon after that she gets an early-morning call. It seems like business as usual -- but with a twist. Seven hours later her long awaited date arrives, and he gets right down to business.Within seconds the arranged date plunges into a nightmare -- with Heather battling for her life.

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